As a 47-year-old mom and gigi, my life has been filled with challenges and hard work. As an Army veteran, I quickly learned the value of relentless effort for success. I worked tirelessly to provide for my family and build a better life.

However, this commitment came at a cost. I missed school events and birthdays, feeling the absence during precious moments with my children. Now, as a grandmother, I refuse to let history repeat itself. I aim to be present for every milestone and play an active role in my grandson's life.

In pursuit of this goal, I made a significant decision—to leave my six-figure job. My dream is to assist people, whether already successful in a 9-5 job or struggling financially, in attaining stability and success.

With over 20 years of leadership experience, I possess the skills and knowledge to guide others towards their goals. My commitment is to make a positive impact on their lives, helping them forge a path to a better future for themselves and their families.

Though the journey is challenging, the reward is immeasurable. Witnessing others achieve their dreams, knowing I contributed to their success, is profoundly gratifying. Being there for my grandson, compensating for lost time, is the ultimate reward.

While I might have missed some things in the past, I'm making up for it now, and I wouldn't have it any other way.